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Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Vertical Farming Systems (VFS) Learning Resources

Below you can find resources to learn more on CEA and VFS. Go to our dedicated page for CEA and VFS to learn more on our labtofarm INDOOR AG projects.

CEA & VFS Oriented Resources

To learn about Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Vertical Farming Systems (VFS), here are several reputable websites and resources that offer a wealth of information ranging from introductory concepts to advanced technological insights:

  1. Hort Americas:

    • Hort Americas is a leading supplier and educational platform for the commercial horticulture industry, focusing on innovative solutions for vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. Offering a range of products from grow lights to hydroponic systems, their blog and resources section provides valuable insights into optimizing plant growth, enhancing sustainability, and the latest trends in CEA. 

  2. Association for Vertical Farming (AVF):

    • AVF is an internationally active nonprofit organization that focuses on advancing vertical farming technologies, designs, and businesses. The website offers insights into the latest trends, research, and case studies in vertical farming.

  3. Agritecture:

    • Agritecture provides consulting services but also hosts a blog and educational resources that explore innovative urban agriculture techniques, including CEA and VFS. It's a great source for learning about the integration of agriculture into urban environments.

  4. The Vertical Farm:

    • Dr. Dickson Despommier’s website on vertical farming. It offers resources, articles, and insights from one of the pioneers of the vertical farming movement, focusing on the environmental benefits and the potential of vertical farms to alleviate food scarcity.

  5. Urban Ag News:

    • Urban Ag News is an online platform that provides news, research, and educational content on high-tech farming and urban agriculture, including CEA and vertical farming.

  6. Greenhouse Grower:

    • Although primarily focused on greenhouse operations, Greenhouse Grower covers a wide range of topics related to controlled environment agriculture, offering articles, research findings, and technology updates.

  7. International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) – HortiDaily:

    • HortiDaily is a publication that provides daily news from the horticulture industry, including innovative practices in CEA and vertical farming. The website covers global trends, technology advancements, and market insights.

  8. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE):

    • ASABE is a professional and technical organization dedicated to advancing engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. Their publications and resources include research and standards relevant to CEA.

  9. CEA Food Safety Coalition:

    • The CEA Food Safety Coalition focuses on developing food safety standards for the CEA sector. Their website offers resources and guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety and quality of produce grown in controlled environments.

  10. International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS):

    1. ISHS is a global network of horticultural scientists. Their website and publications include scientific papers and articles on various aspects of horticulture, including controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming.


These websites are excellent starting points for anyone interested in exploring the fields of Controlled Environment Agriculture and Vertical Farming Systems, whether for academic purposes, industry insights, or general interest.

CEA Oriented Resources

For learning specifically about Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), the following webpages offer comprehensive insights, from basic principles to the latest technological advancements and research in the field:

  1. CEA - Cornell University:

    • Hosted by Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, this site provides extensive resources on CEA, including research findings, educational programs, and insights into greenhouse management and hydroponic systems.

  2. Resource Innovation Institute:

    • Focusing on resource efficiency in cultivation, the Resource Innovation Institute offers guidelines, best practices, and case studies on CEA. Their resources aim to improve energy, water, and carbon efficiency in controlled environment agriculture.

  3. GLASE (Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering)

    • GLASE (Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering) is a collaborative initiative aimed at revolutionizing greenhouse and indoor farming through advanced research in lighting and systems engineering. Hosted at, the consortium brings together academia, industry professionals, and technology providers to optimize plant growth, energy efficiency, and sustainability in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). GLASE focuses on developing cutting-edge lighting technologies and integrated systems that can significantly reduce energy consumption while enhancing crop yield and quality. By facilitating access to the latest research findings, technological innovations, and best practices, GLASE empowers growers and stakeholders in the CEA sector to achieve more sustainable and profitable operations. The platform serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in the intersection of horticultural science and environmental engineering, promoting a future where indoor farming can thrive with minimized environmental impact.
  4. Modern Farmer - CEA:

    • Modern Farmer covers a variety of topics in agriculture, including CEA. Their articles often explore innovative farming techniques, sustainability practices, and the future of food production in controlled environments.

  5. Greenhouse Product News:

    • A leading publication for the greenhouse industry, offering a wide array of articles, research updates, and news focused on controlled environment agriculture and greenhouse operations.

  6. Urban Ag News:

    • Urban Ag News is an excellent source for the latest in urban agriculture, with a special focus on CEA. It includes educational content, interviews with industry leaders, and updates on technology and research.

  7. Autogrow:

    • Autogrow is a company provider of automation and control solutions for CEA technologies and smart farming solutions. 

These resources span a broad spectrum of CEA topics, including hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and greenhouse technologies. They are invaluable for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of controlled environment agriculture, from students and researchers to industry professionals and enthusiasts.

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