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Welcome to the Outreach Activities section of, where we extend our commitment to sustainable agriculture and food systems beyond research, engaging directly with communities to foster education, collaboration, and actionable solutions.

International Congress on Citrus Nurseries pre-tour 2022

During the International Congress on Citrus Nurseries pre-tour on September 29, 2022, our group facilitated a networking event that attracted 45 attendees, including scholars, growers, and other stakeholders. Hosted at the UCR Citrus Clonal Protection Program (CCPP) facilities, attendees were divided into three groups for a guided tour showcasing the Modular Plant Growth Unit (MPGU), the bokashi/biochar fermentation and soil blending process, and  This interactive event served as an excellent platform to present both existing and emerging MPGU technologies, discuss their benefits and operational costs, and gather valuable feedback. For more details on the event, visit International Congress on Citrus Nurseries Events.

PLPA 240 Field Plant Pathology. By Dr. Georgios Vidalakis

Class Field Trip Overview

Last year the PLPA 240 class embarked on an insightful journey exploring the diverse facets of plant pathology and sustainable agriculture. During the six-day field trip the students had a chance to visit a range of facilities, ranging from agricultural experiment stations, research and extension centers, and cutting-edge specialty crop businesses. 

Day 1: The field trip began in Coachella Valley, visiting the Coachella Valley Agricultural Research Station (CVARS). Here, we delved into citrus, dates, beans, strawberries, and peppers. Later, we headed to UCR Agricultural Operations (AgOps), where we were introduced to cowpeas, asparagus, citrus, avocado, turf, and the RGarden. The USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository gave us a perspective on citrus graft-transmissible diseases.

Day 2: The journey took the students to Irvine, Oceanside, and Fallbrook. At South Coast Research & Extension Center, the visit focused on avocado, citrus, and nematodes. They then stopped at Mellano & Company, renowned for its cut flower and other ornamental productions. In Temecula, Wilson Creek Winery offered insights into winemaking, followed by a visit to the Garnsey Family Ranch - Welburn Gourd Farm for ornamental gourd production.

Day 3: The group traveled to Ventura and Visalia, stopping first at Glasshouse Farms in Camarillo, notable for sustainable tomato and cucumber production, renewable energy initiatives, and commercial cannabis. The group journey proceeded to Hansen Agriculture Research & Extension Center (HAREC), followed by a brief exploration of strawberry, vegetable, and tree crops at Cooperative Extension Ventura County.

Day 4: The entire day was centered in Parlier, at the Kearney Research & Extension Center. This deep dive allowed us to interact with researchers covering plant pathology, entomology, nematology, post-harvest procedures, and soil health. We also got a glimpse into sorghum research and the Project Number 4 (IR-4).

Day 5: The group explorations in Visalia, Lindcove-Exeter, and Delano were filled with hands-on experiences. We visited the Wonderful Citrus Nursery, followed by a tour at Lindcove Research & Extension Center (LREC). Our day concluded at The Wonderful Company in Delano, where we toured their state-of-the-art facilities and had an interactive session with their Human Resources Department.

Day 6: On our last day, we wrapped up with some notable visits that continued to build upon our hands-on experiences and learnings.

This field trip served as an exceptional opportunity for our students to understand the real-world applications in sustainable agriculture, witness innovations in the field, and interact with experts. The locations chosen were carefully curated to ensure a comprehensive overview of current practices, innovations, and challenges in the realm of plant pathology and sustainable farming.

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