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Bokashi Fermentation and composting processes

Explore the essentials of Bokashi fermentation and composting processes through our curated selection of webpages, articles, and videos, designed to enhance your sustainable agriculture practices.

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If you're interested in learning about bokashi fermentation, there are several detailed resources available online that can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Online Resources

  1. Bokashi Cycle provides a comprehensive overview of how bokashi fermentation works, emphasizing its benefits like reducing greenhouse gases and improving soil health through the use of fermented organic waste. This resource is particularly useful for understanding the environmental impact and practical applications of bokashi composting (Bokashi Cycle).

  2. Savvy Gardening offers a step-by-step guide to bokashi composting, including detailed instructions on how to layer kitchen scraps and bokashi flakes in your bin, and how to manage the composting process indoors. This guide is great for beginners who are setting up their first bokashi composting system (Savvy Gardening).

  3. Grow Ensemble provides practical tips on how to maintain a bokashi composting system, including what types of waste to include and avoid, and the necessary equipment you'll need to start bokashi composting effectively. This resource also discusses the benefits of using bokashi compost in your garden (Grow Ensemble).

  4. Compost Guy gives a practical look at making your own bokashi mix and provides additional resources and links for deeper learning about the bokashi method. This site is useful for those looking to DIY their bokashi composting setup (Compost Guy).


These resources will help you understand both the theory and practice of bokashi fermentation, whether you're planning to implement it at a small or large scale. Each provides unique insights and practical advice to help you successfully integrate bokashi composting into your waste management practices or gardening activities.

For those interested in exploring Bokashi fermentation in detail, here are a few recommended books and webpages:

Books on Bokashi Fermentation

  1. "Bokashi Composting: Scraps to Soil in Weeks" by Adam Footer - This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to understand the details of Bokashi composting, from the science behind it to practical applications.

  2. "The Bokashi Bucket Book: A Guide to Bokashi Composting and Recycling Kitchen Waste" by Karen L. Newcombe - This guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to use Bokashi for recycling kitchen waste efficiently.

  3. "Bokashi Composting: Kitchen Scraps to Black Gold in 2 Weeks" by Michael O'Halloran - Focuses on rapid composting techniques using Bokashi and provides insights into its benefits for soil health.

Here are some excellent video resources that delve into the methods and benefits of Bokashi fermentation:

Video on Bokashi Fermentation

  1. Bokashi Bran Recipe - DIY with Rice Water: This video on YouTube provides a do-it-yourself guide on how to make your own Bokashi Bran using simple ingredients like rice water. It's a great resource for those interested in a hands-on approach to Bokashi fermentation. Video HERE.

  2. Step-by-Step Bokashi Composting Method: Fermentation, Compost Tea, and More: This video from Epic Gardening covers the entire Bokashi composting process, from the basics of setup to the benefits of using the resulting compost for plants. Video HERE.

  3. How (& Why) to Do Bokashi Composting: Available on Grow Ensemble, this video explores the reasons behind using Bokashi composting and provides detailed instructions on how to implement the process effectively at home. Video HERE.


These videos are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of Bokashi composting techniques and their environmental impact.

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